1.Pine Realty Application Request

            a)Full legal names of all lessees and any cosigners if required

b) Your email address AND your phone number from all signees; c) Address of Unit & Rent d) Desired Lease Start; 2. When Pine Realty receives (Real Estate Broker: Michael Sher) receives your request, we will send an application by email. Each lessee will complete a separate application. Each co-signer, if applicable, will complete a separate application. You may forward the application request to additional lessees. 3.Please follow the instructions. Upon the completion of the application please return to rent@pinere.com Pine Realty will review the application. 4) After an applicant is approved we will send a secure electronic invoice via Intuit Corp. for the initial deposit (1 month rent + application fee of $25 per person). Please pay the invoice online and a receipt is automatically sent to payer. Paying the invoice is similar to a check. MAKE SURE funds are available or bank fees will ensue. 5) Once the deposit is paid we will draw up a lease and email it to you within 1-2 business days after the check clears. Please review the lease. There is a similar sample on our website pinere.com. A subsequent Security Deposit invoice of of one month's rent will be sent upon execution of lease. 1st Month rent and all balances are due 10 days before unit entry. 6) If all balances are not paid in full entry to the unit delay may occur. 7) Please remember to switch the bills you are responsible for into your name on the start day of the lease. Go to Leasing information at Pinere.com for details Please do not hesitate to contact Michael Glazov at yundini@hotmail.com . Michael Glazov available 8am-6:00 pm for all calls and 24/7 for emergencies. I will also be your contact person for all your repair needs. Our general emergency number
fire & floods is 215-735-8896 then dial 0. We look forward to your stay with us.